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*pony rides weight & age limits - max 5st / for children 2-8 yrs old  



Our Wedding Pony Services

Wedding pony hire


Confetti Pony


One or two gorgeous little ponies waiting patiently outside for when you come out. Wearing little baskets with flowers and ribbons containing dried rose petal confetti. The pretty ponies then walk down the archway formed of your guests as they reach for the  confetti from the baskets to toss as you both follow behind.

Such a cute and quirky addition to your day which will melt everyone’s hearts even more. 

The ponies then wander to the terrace with your guests and pose for Selfies and group photos and thoroughly enjoy being star guests until you all go in for dinner.

Fresh rose petal confetti included.




Ring Bearer Pony

Picture the scene as the groom pats his pockets for the rings.. he glances round, the suspension builds.. then, quietly, with a little snort from her nostrils, a tiny pony walks down the aisle to a gasping array of guests. Here is Thimble, our 32" high miniature Shetland pony,  commanding the entire room's attention as she stamps her tiny feet and tosses her sassy mane. Well that's an unusual ring-bearer!

Afterwards, she hangs out for photos and Selfies until you all go to dinner.


Wedding Pony Rides

Two beautifully turned out ponies, with handlers in elegant tweed jackets and in-hand showing attire, providing pony rides in the grounds for the children (aged 2 years to 8 years old), as well as brushing and cuddling for the children who may be too heavy to ride. 

Absolutely guaranteed wows and smiles from all your guests and the perfect English quintessential addition to the best day of your life.

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