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Pony hire london

How it works...

1) Decide on venue - Yours or ours?

2) How many guests? 

The Emerald party is one pony for up to 10 children,

the Diamond Party is two ponies and for up to 20 children.

3) Just pony rides for unlimited number of children?

Contact us and book a standard pony ride service.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want a pony party at home or your own chosen venue. We offer to venues local to us and the prices for them are on the Pony Parties tab. Pony parties further afield can take many hours, so our prices will reflect this.

If we are providing pony hire for you at home, we conduct a risk assessment and assess suitability for ponies to attend, this includes all our London pony hire and Pony Parties in Hertfordshire, Pony Parties in Essex, Pony Parties in Norfolk and Bedford Pony Parties and beyond.


We require the full address of the venue and may attend first to discuss requirements. Google Earth will indicate whether the venue is big enough to use for a pony visit and we may also require photographs from you before we allow you to make the booking.

On the date of the event we will arrive at your venue with  and will need space to park and unload, for built up areas, such as our London pony parties, it is your own responsibility to arrange parking for us.


We need a clear passage of entry for the pony to the garden area. Whilst a garden side or rear gate is preferable, it is possible for us to come straight through a house. Marble floors can be a little slippery, so we take our time.


We will lead the pony into the garden area where the children will be introduced to them. Then they can cuddle, brush and pamper the pony with the brushes and accessories that we provide (About 15 minutes).


After this we shall move the pony away from the children so that we can safely tack up and begin the pony rides. we supply all hats. *Please be aware* that these are small ponies; therefore height and weight limits apply.


As a guide, a limit of 5st maximum weight per child is permitted, for children aged approx. 2 - 8 years old. Please be advised we will refuse to allow a child whom we deem too big for the pony. Please ensure you do your own size vetting when inviting children to your pony party, to avoid any disappointment.


We will then lead each child around the garden giving them all a pony ride each, either a longer ride for each child, or a couple of turns each, to make up the remaining time.


If you don't have a suitable venue, we can suggest some alternative venues for your London and Cambridge pony party. Village Halls make great venues, it's worth contacting your local one to see if they would be happy for us to attend. We clean up after ourselves and have the necessary Animal Welfare Licence and Public Liability Insurance in place to operate legally.



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