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wedding pony hire

If you can bear to keep a secret long enough.....

VIP Pony Home Visit

Interactive Experience

A VIP Pony Home Visit really is the unforgettable birthday treat.

Today is the day, soon it is the hour, and finally it is the moment... our horse box arrives to your home outside and the look on your little one's face as she stares in disbelief...

A real, live pony coming to your house for a special visit!

wedding pony
VIP Pony Home Visit

VIP Pony Home Visit

Start by unloading the pony, taking her into your garden and even through the house first!

Then groom her, decorate her with as many ribbons and clips as you like and then a wonderful 1-2-1 riding session, either around your garden or around your own neighbourhood.

£250 for up to 1.5 hours

For up to 2 x children

Party Bag for Birthday Child

Unlimited photo opportunities 

Unforgettable experience

Plus travel cost if over 15 miles from Elmdon

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