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Pony Parties Hertfordshire

Anna Jermain pictured here with Fairy, Honey Bee, Pigwigs and Angel

About Us


I trained as a horse riding instructor over 25 years ago and hold a qualification of NVQ Level II in Horse Care & Stable Management, British Horse Society Stage II equivalent and achieved this in 1993. I've taught children and adults from beginner and novice, through to intermediate levels I & II. I taught Riding for the Disabled, escorted hacks, show jumped, hunted over hounds, gained experience in breaking and schooling young horses and correcting behavioural issues in older horses.


Keen to broaden my knowledge of other animal species I later became a zoo keeper. I worked as a Head Keeper at a wildlife park for eight years where I obtained the City & Guilds Certificate in Zoo Animal Management amongst mant other certificates. I worked with large hoofstock such as Bactrian camel, zebra, tapir, red deer, reindeer, and also large carnivores such as Bengal and Siberian tigers, African lions, cheetah and European and North American timber wolves, as well as smaller species and reptiles, birds of prey, toucans, parrots and domestics. Whilst there I was trained in public speaking and as an entertainer. I trained as a TV presenter, achieved certificates for Excellence in Customer Service and Customer Service Management and various First Aid and Health & Safety courses.


Horses remain my one true passion though and I have owned and cared for a great many over the last thirty years.


I began to take my little Shetland ponies to friend's house parties. They were such a huge hit with everyone that I have decided to make the venture open to all. Our ponies are safe, quiet and kind. They are used for my own children too. They are kept at home, and much loved pets. 


London & Cambridge Pony Parties are a fun, rewarding day out for all involved. The ponies adore the fuss and only have very light work as we share the work with our team of ponies. They load themselves onto the trailer as they know they are going somewhere new and enjoy it immensely.


I have an enhanced DBS (disclosure and barring) certificate

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